Solution To Fix “Outlook Cannot Open Email Folder of Outlook 2010” Windows 8

Microsoft Outlook all version including 2010 has brought out tremendous change in field of managing data . Some features and way of managing has made this application popular among every users. Outlook all data like contacts, message, tasks, journals, etc are stored in .PST file format. Due to any reason if PST file has got corrupted then it become impossible for users to run that profile association with .PST file. Mainly business users whose profile happens to their , it become irritating situation for them because work get hamper. Message and other data which is carried out with MS Outlook hen become inaccessible , arise irritating situation for any of users. Many of times whenever users try to start their application for some work get with error message:

“Cannot start Microsoft Outlook. Fails to open in Outlook Window”

While this error message stop users in accessing any of data. Even it is not possible to send and receive mails items or even any of other Inbox items. It is too frustrating for any of users and it required to repair in any of circumstances. While such error message occur due to any reasons. Even Outlook 2013 application get with such error message. In such instances configuration file of navigation pane gets damage and corrupted and which change over all working of MS Outlook application. There are many reasons for getting with such type of error message and get rid of it. Some of thing which is important to know about inner working of Outlook application There are some of things which should be fulfilled and it helps to get rid of Outlook error.

  • Outlook up to data
  • Ever MS Outlook works

There are number of causes responsible for getting with such error message like :

  • PC gets affected with virus and malware which in turn affect installed application
  • Hardware malfunciton
  • Software issue
  • Header Damage


There are many things which help to get out of sch issue . Follow such type of steps helps users to get out of issue and help users to run Outlook 2010 version on Windows 8

  • Rest dat- files
  • Disable add-ins
  • Start with safe mode
  • Recreate mail profile
  • Use Scnapst.exe (Inbox repair tool) to fix erros
  • Run a repair and make re-install of Outlook application

Solution never ends and even error message. If these is any of application and which users are working then get with some type of problem. Important things is data loss and from which nay of them want to get rid off. Where solution never ends, it is possible for users to solve out any problem of Ms Outlook application using PST repair software.

Using such tool it is possible for users to sort any of problem , even help to get rid of error message. Even any users can easily use this tools and ix any of error message which become hurdle in processing data. It is easier for any of them to use because of rich GUI interface. If you are Windows 8 users and get rid of MS Outlook problem then why to wait for just use this tool and easily recovery Perosnal storage file data.