Resolve "Scanpst.exe Repair Tool Not Responding" Error

“Scanpst.exe Repair Tool Not Responding” is an error that comes when you need to repair your pst files and you try the inbuilt scanpst.exe tool to perform this action. scanpst.exe is an inbuilt utlity of a great email client application know as outlook used by windows user to manage their so many emails at one place and also to store thier personal files such as, notes, calendars, journals, etc. Microsoft the developer of outlook application provides scanpst.exe tool free with the outlook application to perform the pst repairing process when pst files become corrupted due to several reasons.

There are so many reason behind this Scanpst.exe Repair Tool Not Responding which will come on the screen when you will try to access scanpst.exe tool. Some of the reasons are:

  • Scanpst.exe definition not updated
  • Outdated scanpst.exe tool
  • If there is an error in settings
  • Corruption issues
  • Invalid registry key


Once, you see this error again you will not be able to repair your pst corruption issues. To fix the error you may try the given process:

  • Update your scanpst.exe or its definition
  • Reinstall if it is missing
  • Chane outlook settings

After following this process you may become able to access your scanpst.exe to repair corruption of outlook application.

If again you see any error or see that scanpst.exe tool is not working then you must go for PST Repair Tool. It is a best tool that has so many advanced features which will easily help you to get rid of outlook corruption and errors. This tool scans the entire outlook folder at deep level and recover all inaccessible pst files.

The tool has pause and resume recovery options. It also allows to recover only selected items. You can search for particular file from the recovered items. The tool is compatible will all versions of outlook application as well as all versions of windows os. The tool has so simple and user friendly GUI that helps to a novice users to repair their corrupted pst files. Free evaluation versions of the tool is available. Just download it and use to get rid of pst corruption. PST Repair Tool is really a best solution of Scanpst.exe Repair Tool Not Responding error and is a best alternative of scanpst.exe tool.